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Sheffield Wednesday vs. Liverpool: what a strange match!

Three different Sheffield Wednesday footballers played in goal during their match against Liverpool in May 1997.

There were some odd matches during Sheffield Wednesday’s tenure in the Premier League.

For example, during Wednesday’s game against Nottingham Forest in March 1996, Chris Woods picked up an injury and Steve Nicol ended up donning the gloves for the final 45 minutes.

Unsurprisingly, they lost 3-1 after Forest’s Paul McGregor and Bryan Roy scored in the second half.

Also, in February 2000, the Owls were beating Derby County 3-1 in stoppage time. However, with minutes to spare, they ended up drawing, thanks to goals from Craig Burley and Malcolm Christie.

Booth is a goalie

But there was an even stranger match in May 1997, when Sheffield Wednesday drew 1-1 with Liverpool.

I’m not talking about O’Neill Donaldson’s goal; I’m talking about their goalkeeping dilemma.

Firstly, after making a string of fine saves, Kevin Pressman pulled his hamstring and was replaced by débutante Matt Clarke.

However, within ten minutes, Clarke was given his marching orders, after being judged to have handled outside the penalty area.

Striker Andy Booth – who was hardly the most agile footballer – wore Clarke’s jersey for the reminder of the match, and Jamie Redknapp immediately equalised with the awarded free kick.

The phrase, “strange but true”, is very apt in this instance.