Features Portfolio

I have utilised my strong knowledge of music and sport to produce a series of features and opinion pieces.

The website features some of my favourite short-form and long-form pieces, and you can find them below:


Finland: the connection between pension systems and national culture


1997 Copa América: Bolivia’s old tricks

Curbing homophobia In Norwegian football

Has ‘The Football League Show’ improved?

Has transsexuality in football turned a corner?

Hopeless Football League Teams #4: Sheffield Wednesday (2003)

League One season previews (July/August 2011)

Porting ‘Premier Manager 64′

Remembering Frank Sidebottom

Revisiting 90 Minutes’ Nightmare League

Sheffield Wednesday’s Intertoto Cup adventure

Terry Burton: will he be Dave Jones’ most important signing at Sheffield Wednesday?

The ‘best’ quotes from ‘Lovejoy on Football’

The legacy of Gazza’s music career

The Runs #5: Sheffield Wednesday (1974-76)

Through Gritted Teeth #42: Barnsley (1997)

Welcome home, Ormondroyd’s Virtual Match Reports


How Jive Bunny dominated Rotherham and the charts

#keepingitpeel: The greatest YouTube channel in the world

Ten of the biggest Christmas single flops by television stars

Ten of the most successful video game-related singles

The 12 most awkward music interviews on children’s television

The REAL worst songs of the 1990s

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