I love browsing the web – the only problem is that there’s so little time and so many good websites.

Here are a small selection of my favourites blogs and websites.


Datablog: Published by The Guardian, the Datablog is likely to remain their benchmark for some time.

Journerdism and Online Journalism Blog: If you are interested in online journalism and mobile reporting, these two blogs are for you.

Nieman Journalism Lab: A superb website that explores the upcoming trends in journalism.

Poynter: This website has plenty of tips and debates; it’s a useful resource.

The Northerner: The Guardian’s hyperlocal blog about the North proves that home is where the heart is.

Visualising Data: An excellent resource about data journalism.

Music and culture

Dalston Oxfam Shop and Left & To The Back: Rummaging through charity shops has never been so much fun.

Dead Homer Society: Daily quotes and occasional essays about ‘The Simpsons’.

Edge: It’s one of finest video game magazines around and the website’s Making Of series is superb, too.

Freaky Trigger: A terrific pop culture website. Highlights include Popular, where every UK Number 1 single is reviewed, and the Pop World Cup.

MOJO Magazine Tumblr: The best music Tumblr by far, and it’s a good example of how traditional media publishers can attract new audiences on the web.

The Quietus: This pop culture website is a big favourite of mine and its interviews are particularly impressive.


Magic Spongers: Football, swearing and cynicism – it is a peach of a blog.

Scoreboard Journalism: An insightful look into sport and analytics, and it’s well worth a regular read.

The Swiss Ramble and Zonal Marking: Two of the best examples of how to specialise on the Internet. The blogs’ editors have made traditionally dry subjects interesting to casual supporters, which says it all.

The Two Unfortunates: Easily the best blog/website about The Football League.

The World Of Sport: Updated by The Guardian’s James Dart, this Tumblr blog has a comprehensive selection of YouTube clips.

When Saturday Comes: 26 years and counting, WSC still provides some of the best football writing around.

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