100 years of Scouting marked with Cub Pack reformation

Scouts, Cubs and Beavers provide indoor and outdoor activities for young people. Image courtesy of Anja Johnson via Fickr.

A century of Scouting in Rotherham has been marked with the reopening of the Woodsetts Cub Pack.

The Rotherham Scouting Division was founded in 1911 and, since then, it has provided indoor and outdoor activities for young people aged from six years.

The division currently provides 16 Scouting troops in Rotherham districts – such as Brecks Lane, Kimberworth, Maltby, Rawmarsh and Swinton – and there are also several Cub Packs and Beaver Colonies in the town.

Explorer Scout sessions have also been introduced, which are aimed at young people aged from 14 to 18 years.

It is the fourth section of Scouting and involves weekends away, where they have completed the Duke of Edinburgh scheme and the Three Peaks Challenge.

Henry Tompkin, Rotherham Scouting Division’s District Administrator, said: “We are absolutely delighted that Scouting in Rotherham has continued for 100 years and we have organised a number of great events to celebrate.

“The highlight, of which, will be our District Camp at Walesby, which is to take place [from Friday] September 16 to [Sunday] September 18.

“Over the years, scout groups have come and gone – but we are delighted to know that one group existed in 1911 and still runs to day – that being the first [and] formerly 14th Rotherham-based [group] at Kimberworth.

“Scouting remains popular as it provides an active and stimulating programme, which proves attractive to our many young members – as well as the many adults who offer their time and service to ensure that scouting can continue in Rotherham.

“We hope that all who are members of Scouting become better citizens from the experience.”

Re-opening the Pack

To mark the 100th anniversary of Scouts in Rotherham, the Cubs Pack in Woodsetts will be reopened next month.

Cubs are aimed at children – aged between eight and ten-and-half years – who come together to learn through crafts, visits and outdoor activities.

They also have the opportunity to attend Cub camps, and can attain 33 activity and seven challenge badges.

The pack will restart on Monday 12 September in Woodsetts Methodist Church, which adjoins the Rotherham Scouting Division Headquarters.

Mr Tompkin said that, although the pack is likely to begin with a relatively low number of Cubs, it will be allowed to build up, as the new leaders become more experienced.

“Woodsetts had a cub pack before, but this was forced to close when the leader at the time was unable to continue,” he added.

“Now a new leader has stepped forward and she, along with an assistant she has recruited, has completed her training and assisted by members of the District Team in the short term, she will take over the running of the new pack.

“There has been a very favourable response to the announcement that the pack will recommence and quite a lot of interest has emerged.

“Having the pack will mean that recruitment into the existing scout troop should improve [and] hopefully, in the long run, a Beaver Colony will also be re-started – that too having to close, through lack of leaders.”


This news story was self-published in August 2011.

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