Transport training course postponed due to poor response

RotherFed’s course was organised in partnership with Rotherham Community Transport.

A forthcoming transport training course has been cancelled, due to a lack of interest.

Rotherham Federation of Tenants and Residents (RotherFed) had worked together with Rotherham Community Transport to host a one-day moving and handling people course on Wednesday 17 August at Springwell Gardens Community Centre.

But the course had to be postponed, as there was not enough interest in it.

Steve Ruffle, the development manager of RotherFed, said that only five people were booked on the course and ten bookings were needed to make the course viable.

“We had some interest but not enough to make it viable as a course,” he added.

“We are hoping to reschedule at a future date, as some of our members are still keen to do it.

“I’m disappointed, but we have to have reasonable numbers for the course to be viable.”

Benefiting the community

The cancellation of the course, which had been arranged at the request of RotherFed’s volunteer driver Jayne Holbrook, is likely to be a disappointment to the drivers who were hoping to participate in the course.

It was free for all volunteers – and would have looked at areas including back care, back pain, principles of safe manual handling and load handling, and moving and handling people.

The course was aimed at those who drive minibuses for community organisations, such as Rotherham Community Transport, who provide transport services for the disadvantaged, including the elderly and disabled.

A week before the course was due to start, Mr Ruffle said that the course would be able to benefit the Rotherham community in numerous ways.

“The course is aimed at those people who have previously taken the MIDAS minibus driver qualification either with us earlier this year or with Rotherham Community Transport,” he explained.

“Community trips out [by] using a community minibus can benefit individuals and [the] community in many ways [by] bringing people together, and tackling isolation and loneliness.

“The course will enable volunteer drivers to acquire the skills to both drive the community minibuses, and support physically disabled residents on and off the buses.

“It is important that people can drive the buses so that everyone in their community, whatever their ability or disability, has an opportunity to join the rest of their community on visits and trips.”

Other courses

Despite the cancellation, RotherFed are planning three forthcoming courses.

They are holding an emergency first aid course between 9.30am and 4.30pm on Tuesday 23 August. Although places for the course are now full, reserve bookings are still being taken.

A session, which provides an introduction to accessibility, is also being held on Monday 24 October from 1pm to 4pm, while ‘Preparing the Ground’ is being held Monday 26 September between 10am to 4pm.

‘Preparing the Ground’ is aimed at tenants, who are new to involvement with their landlord or new to regulation and co-regulation.

Places are still available for both of these courses.

All three of these courses will be held at Springwell Gardens Community Centre and, to book your place, contact RotherFed on or 01709 368515.


This news story was self-published in August 2011.

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