(Possibly) the greatest clip on YouTube

Between 1991 and 2012, Saint Etienne have released eight studio albums. Image courtesy of Dexter Mixwith via Flickr.

I enjoy trying to find extremely awkward music clips on YouTube. Perhaps a bit too much.

And Saint Etienne are one of my favourite bands.

So you can imagine how I yelped after discovering their appearance on the early morning children’s show, ‘Saturday Disney’.

There are some great highlights, here. The most prominent part of the clip is a radio-controlled car race between lead singer Sarah Cracknell and Home & Away’s Tristan Bancks.

Sarah awkwardly potters around a bunch of youngsters, Tristan jovially veers towards casual sexism, and Ms Cracknell even chugs an inflatable bottle of champagne!

And things get even better during the credits, which showed some of the programme’s highlights.

These included children holding placards stating “peace” and “understanding” during Saint Etienne’s performance (I’m guessing that they were promoting ‘Hug My Soul’), mixed with clips of stock car racing and kids getting gunged.

It’s so brilliantly awkward. YouTube really is the best thing, isn’t it?

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